How to do Crossover Crunch Exercise?

Do you know the correct way of doing a Crossover crunch abs workout? A lot of people have asked this question over the years, most of them never getting the answer right. It’s one of those things that just confuses people and makes them go away with a shrug and a simple, “just do it”.

Here’s why you need to get a full understanding of how to do cross-arm crunches and criss-cross crunches.

In order for this exercise to be effective. You have to start from a standing position with your hands directly below your shoulders. Your arms should be locked with your palms facing your body and your legs should be extended with your back straight.

Now that you’ve got your upper body set up and your lower body at ease you’re ready to perform the exercise. Just take your dumbbells and start performing the exercise by standing in front of a chair or bench as if you were going to do a pushup.

Your upper arms should be pointing out towards the sky while your hands are still placed on the floor.

If your grip is slightly wider than shoulder-width, that’s fine. Your palms should be facing the weight and not towards the weight plates. You will then simply lower the weights down into your chest area.

Remember that you want to keep your back straight and make sure your shoulders do not rotate as this will only hurt you.

You want to use enough momentum to push yourself off the ground but not enough so that your body loses its balance.

If your gym does not yet have the dumbbells that you need, try a local sports equipment dealer.

Cross Crunches Fitness Exercise

Cross Crunches Fitness Exercise

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They should be able to help you find weight plates that will work with your workout routine. If you already have dumbbells that you can use, I would suggest using a couple of extra pounds.

These weights can be used as floor reps. For the advantages of crossover crunch benefits. You have to simply stand with the weights on the floor and lift your arms up to your shoulder width.

Remember that you want to keep your back straight just like in the beginning.

Lower the weights down slowly into hyperextension and then lower them back down slowly. Make sure to keep your weight centered over the dumbbells and make a position for criss-cross crunches.

As with the floor rep, hyperextension will get you in a better position to really work the hamstrings. As always you want to keep your back straight throughout the entire rep.

Once you have completed the second repetition of this exercise you can switch to the standard weight plates for cross-arm crunches.

Those are just two exercises for the exercise known as the crossover crunch. Although it may seem simple it is not.

Try a training program that gives you more weight than you can handle to really challenge yourself. After that start learning how to do a cross crunches abs exercise.

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