Ultimate Driver GTA 5 Guide: Master the Streets

The sprawling, chaotic, and always entertaining world of Driver GTA 5 (Grand Theft Auto V) is a playground of endless possibilities. Amidst the shootouts, heists, and seemingly limitless exploration, one crucial skill often goes overlooked: driving. It takes you through basic controls and advanced techniques that will enhance your skills in both single-player and GTA Online. This guide will help you become a skilled driver in GTA 5.

Importance of Being a Skilled Driver in GTA 5

How Driving is Integral to Missions and Side Activities

Imagine planning the perfect heist in Driver GTA 5 only to botch the escape because you couldn’t steer clear of a lamppost. Getting from A to B must be efficient, effective, and stylish. Mastering driving can also open up side activities like races, stunt jumps, and even taxi missions that can be both fun and lucrative.

Consequences of Poor Driving Skills

Crashing into obstacles or failing to outrun the police can result in mission failure or losing valuable in gaming resources. And let’s not forget that each crash affects the condition of your vehicle, potentially leaving you stranded in a high-stakes situation.

Skilled Driver In Gta 5

Basic Controls and Interface


The controls vary depending on your platform of Driver GTA 5. On the console, triggers generally control acceleration and braking, while thumb sticks control steering. For PC players, the W, A, S, and D keys are your best friends for driving.

On-Screen Interface

Familiarize yourself with the mini-map, often located in the screen’s bottom-left corner, for route planning and police avoidance. Most vehicles lack a speedometer, but who needs one when you’re weaving through traffic at breakneck speeds?

Starting with the Right Vehicle

At the beginning of the game, you don’t get the luxury of choice in terms of high-performance vehicles. However, even a standard sedan or SUV can be surprisingly practical. For a sports car’s speed and agility, choose a sports car; for a sedan’s balanced ride, pick a sedan.

Vehicle Customization

Performance Upgrades

Remember to underestimate the power of vehicle upgrades. These modifications can significantly affect your driving experience, from enhanced engines to better brakes.

Cosmetic Upgrades

Beyond performance, GTA 5 allows you to flex your creative muscles with paint jobs, decals, and custom license plates. While these won’t improve your driving, they add a personal touch.

Mastering Driving Mechanics

Acceleration and Speed

Acceleration is not just about mashing the throttle. Learn to manage your speed depending on road conditions, traffic, and the mission’s requirements.

Steering and Handling

Gone are the days of arcade-like controls; GTA V Drive V requires finesse. Practice steering around tight corners and handling through traffic to become a master wheelman.

Driving Techniques for Missions Driver GTA 5

Different missions call for different driving styles. Whether evading police in high-speed chases or tailing a target, each requires a unique approach. Learning when to floor it and when to lay low is critical.

Advanced Techniques


Useful in both missions and races, drifting can be performed by simultaneously braking and turning. It’s all about timing and practice.


For those who love speed, the game offers various racing events. Essential tips include maintaining a good racing line and mastering the art of the ‘slipstream.’

Stunt Jumps and Tricks

Specific locations in the game offer opportunities for stunt jumps. Completing these not only grants you bragging rights but also some lucrative rewards.

Motorcycle Mastery

Motorcycles in GTA 5 offer a different driving experience altogether. They’re agile but delicate, offering high speed but at the cost of lower defence during combat situations.

Using Vehicles in Combat

Sometimes, your best weapon is your vehicle. Ramming into enemies can be an effective tactic, as can using your car for cover during shootouts.

Driving Techniques For Missions Driver Gta 5

Online Play: Being the Best Driver in GTA Online

Excellent driving skills can provide a significant edge in GTA Online, especially in modes like racing or capture missions. Knowing which vehicle best suits different online modes can be the key to victory.

Frequently Asked Questions ( FAQ’s)

Q: What are the basic controls for driving in GTA 5?

On consoles, triggers usually control acceleration and braking, while thumb sticks are for steering. On PC, it’s the W, A, S, and D keys.

Q: How necessary is vehicle customization?

Performance upgrades like better engines and brakes can significantly improve your driving experience.

Q: Can I use vehicles during combat?

Yes, vehicles can be used as both weapons and cover during shootouts.

Q: Is driving different in GTA Online?

The fundamentals remain the same, but driving skills can give you an edge in various GTA Online modes.

Q: What’s the importance of choosing the right vehicle at the start?

Selecting a vehicle that matches your gameplay style can make your initial hours much more enjoyable and effective.


Whether you’re a casual player or an aspiring Driver GTA 5 fan, mastering the art of driving is crucial. From navigating the busy streets of Los Santos to escaping the heat during intense police chases these tips and techniques will set you on the path to becoming the ultimate driver in GTA 5.

People Also Ask

How to drive a helicopter in GTA 5?

To fly a helicopter in GTA 5, you must first get into one and start the engine. Use the throttle controls (usually the left stick on a console or the ‘W’ and ‘S’ keys on a PC) to ascend or descend. Use the directional controls to tilt the helicopter forward, backwards, or sideways for movement.

Can you be a taxi driver GTA 5 Online?

You cannot be a taxi driver in GTA 5 Online like you can in the single-player mode. You can pretend to be one through role-playing, even though the game doesn’t offer a formal feature for it.

How to drive a plane in GTA 5?

To soar through the air in a plane, settle into the pilot’s chair and rev up the motor. Use the throttle controls (usually the left stick on a console or the ‘W’ and ‘S’ keys on a PC) to speed up and take off. Use the control surfaces to steer. Landing usually involves slowing down and carefully touching down on a runway.

How to slow-mo drive in GTA 5?

In GTA 5’s single-player mode, you can activate the slow-motion ability by pressing the special ability button (usually ‘L3 + R3’ on consoles or ‘Caps Lock’ on PC) while driving. This ability is specific to the character Franklin.

Is it possible to take on the role of a taxi driver GTA 5 Online?

Like the taxi driver question, there’s no official game mechanic to be a cab driver in GTA 5 Online as of my last update. Again, you can role-play as one, but the game doesn’t offer a specific feature for this career.

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