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Alienware laptop for games

When comparing Alienware laptop X17 R2 and other gaming laptops, there are some essential things to keep in mind. These factors include performance, size, keyboard layout, and processor. 

The Alienware X17 R2 features. AMD Ryzen 6000 series processors for streaming and creating content. It supports up to 64GB of Dual Channel DDR5 memory. It has an Alienware Cryo-tech cooling system to keep your system stable.

Alienware laptop
brand new Alienware laptop



The Alienware laptop 17 R5 features an updated AMD Ryzen processor, NVIDIA GeForce RTX graphics, and updated Alienware Cryo-tech cooling technology. The fans are more prominent, have more blades, and are 37.5% thinner than previous models. As a result, they pull in 130% more ambient air, which means less obstruction to core components.

This laptop has a new CPU and GPU, both designed for multitasking. The new CPU, Intel Core i9-12900HK, clocks in at 2.9 GHz and has up to 64GB of RAM. It is 28% faster than its predecessor, the Core i9-11900HK. This improvement promises significant productivity gains.

Extreme Performance Factors

As for the memory, Alienware’s x17 R2 supports DDR5, providing higher data rates and bandwidth. Its two SO-DIMM slots allow users to install up to 64GB of DDR5-4800 memory. It comes with 16GB or 32GB of memory.

The Alienware X17 R2’s design remains clean, with rounded corners and smooth curves. Its materials are durable, and it comes in four different colors. While it’s expensive, it’s the best Alienware laptop on the market right now.

The Alienware x17 R2 features double-set USB-A and USB-C ports, an HDMI 2.1 port, and a Mini DisplayPort. Although the rear-facing ports keep cables neat, they are not as accessible as the side-mounted sockets. 

The Alienware x17 R2 supports Bluetooth 4.2 and dual-band Wi-Fi for those who prefer wireless. It also includes a TPM 2.0 module. A microSD card slot is available for extra storage.



Operating System

Dell Technologies recommends Windows 11 Pro for business
Warranty support options vary by operating system: Dell offers support plans for businesses with Windows Pro and support plans for personal use with Windows Home.

Video Card


Hard Drive


Color Choice



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