Augmentality Labs VR

Augmentality Labs VR
Augmentality Labs VR is a virtual reality arcade located in downtown Durham, NC. It has six high-end VR workstations equipped with HTC Vive headsets. Each station offers ten feet by ten feet of walking space and a TV monitor. Visitors can choose to participate in a single-player or multiplayer experience.

Augmented reality is already being used in the medical field. For example, VR labs can help medical trainees practice complex procedures. They can get real-time instructions and guide themselves through the process, so a missed step won’t result in death. Augmented reality can also help educators make tough topics more interesting, and stimulate the creative thinking process.

Augmentality Lab VR is led by Dr. Karen Chen, a member of the Fitts Department of Industrial and Systems Engineering. She is also a 2021 alumna of the National Academy of Engineering and an E.U-U. Frontiers of Engineering. This technology is becoming more common and more affordable, but the technology remains expensive for many. Augmentality Labs VR is working to make it more affordable and accessible.

Augmentality Labs offers guided tours of virtual and augmented reality technology and is fully equipped with the necessary hardware and software. The lab is supported by a grant from the Library Technology Services Act and features an HTC Vive HMD, an MSI VR One backpack PC, and a META 2 developer kit. The lab is open to all IU students and faculty.
Augmentality Labs provides Users enhanced reality through VR
Augmentality Labs VR provides users with the ability to experience enhanced reality through virtual reality. By using Augmentality’s cutting-edge technology, users can create stunning 3D experiences that are unlike any other VR headset on the market. With Augmentality VR, you can take advantage of all of the features and settings that are available in existing VR games and apps.

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