AR Glasses for Gaming

Ar Glasses for Gaming
With the advent of augmented reality, gamers are now able to use their AR glasses to enjoy the latest games and apps. The new technology is gaining traction, with companies such as Apple and Meta focusing on the industry. Startups such as Neal have also made their mark in this field. But it will take time before the market starts to grow. The company has launched two AR glasses. The Neal Air and Light, and plans to launch a Steam beta by the end of the month. Those who participate in the beta will be able to stream games and apps from their PCs to their AR glasses.

With an incredibly wide field of view, these smart glasses can be used to watch movies. And play games in a completely immersive environment. They use an inertial measurement unit (IMU) and an onboard computer vision camera to track the user’s position in real-world space. As a result, you do not need to map out your space or calibrate the headset. The glasses will work as soon as you put them on, without any additional hardware or software installation.

Although the HoloLens is one of the most expensive AR headsets on the market, its low consumer adoption makes it unattractive for developers. In contrast, the hottest player in the Ar Glasses for Gaming market is Vuzix. Its $1000 AR glasses work with Alexa to show app data. Another promising product is the Power Wolf G1 smart eyewear, which has the potential to be useful for gaming.


AR Glasses are commonly used to protect eyes from harmful UV rays. There are different types of glasses depending on what type of activity they are designed for. Safety glasses are worn while working around dangerous machinery and chemicals. Sunglasses are worn while driving at night or ...