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London Bridge: A Breezy romantic tale!

London Bridge, a triangular love story happening in London has got a kind of freshness in its visuals but lacks the same in the narrative. A Simple story, though seen and heard before was well said with quiet a good first half and an average second half.

Vijay Das (Prithviraj) is a self made business man who had gone through many hardships before establishing his financial firm with the help of and the movie revolves around him and his relationships with Merin (Naditha) and Pavithra (Andreah) who enters into his life in the course of the movie.

The movie, though nothing much to offer in its quality, it was a good attempt from the director’s part to make it the way it is now with a clichéd storyline. A better screenplay from Jinu Abraham would have made the whole movie look and feel good.  Still, director Anil C Menon has done a decent job, especially when compared to his previous movies.


london bridge


Prithviraj, as usual has showcased a noteworthy performance though the character demanded very less compared to his skills. Anyway Prithviraj fans would really love the movie for his good looks. For those who come to watch the movie for Prithviraj, do not compare the movie with his previous movies for this one belongs to a different genre from those!

Both the actresses were looking pretty and have shown justice to their roles. Prathap Pothan and Mukesh have done a decent job while others like Lena, Sunil Sugada and Prem Prakash have got very little to perform and have shown justice to whatever little they had to do.

Jithu Damodar has captured London with all its elegance without draining its beauty and Praveen Prabhakar’s editing was a kind of okay! Songs from Rahul Raj and Sreevalsan were impressive and Gopi Sundar’s BGM created a good mood.

Overall the movie is an above average movie with stunning visuals which is definitely watchable and never tests the patience of the viewers.



Rating: 3.2/5







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