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Ayaal Jeevichirippund Review


Ayaal Jeevichirippund is the Malayalam Movie that graced the screens here in Kerala today. It is the debut directorial venture of Vyasan KP who is popular here as a screen writer and producer. This movie is produced by Eldhose John Keeleth under the banner of 44 Films and the lead characters in this movie has been played by Vijay Babu and Manikandan Achari who shot to fame through the last year movie named Kammattipadam.

The plot of this movie revolves around two friends who hails from two extreme kind of life situations. Vijay Babu and Manikandan Achari plays those two friends named John and Murukan. Vijay Babu plays a writer and the film shows how Murukan becomes an inspiration for him in life. The plot of the movie starts to move forward when these two began to explore Goa. Some events happens there changes their life and the film is all about what happens in the life of these two from that moment. Vyasan KP had succeeded in giving us a quality entertainer and he had done an impressive work as a debutant in direction.

The story has been inspired from some real life incidents and the screenplay was very well written as well. The situations the plot was strong and real and it was those situations carried the movie forward. The presentation style was fresh and he had presented it with depth and the film is emotionally intense as well. While making it a deep and intense movie, the director did not forget to make it an engaging one as well for the viewer and that had made it a quality entertainer. This is by far the best screenplay written by Vysan KP and as a director he shows great promise as well.

The performance from the lead actors is the main factor that made this movie a brilliant one. Vijay Babu once again amazed us with his easy and cool performance. Manikandan Achari was at his best as well. He once again given a stunning performance after Kammattipadam through this movie playing the character named Murugan. Other artists like Sudheer Karamana, Namratha, Chaali Pala, Thesni Khan, Hareesh Peradi, Majeed, Kishore Sathya also played important characters in this flick and done a very good job.

The visuals were given to us by Hari Nair and his camera work has been superb throughout. The music direction by Ouseppachan was also very good. B Ajith Kumar had edited the flick and his cuts provided the movie, a smooth flow till the very end. As a whole, this movie named Ayal Jeevichirippund is a very good cinematic experience which will give you a fresh feel while watching the flick. It has life in it and that life makes it a movie which will worth each of the penny you spend to watch it.


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