Veeram Review


The Magnum Opus named Veeram scripted and directed by Jayaraj, had hit the screens today all over Kerala. As you all know this is the biggest budget movie ever made in Malayalam till now and it has been made using a budget of 35 crores by Chandrakala Arts. Bollywood Actor Kunal Kapoor is playing the male lead in this movie which has been an adaptation of William Shakespeare’s tragedy named Macbeth. The plot of the movie is inspired from the northern Ballads prevalent in 13th Century North Malabar in Kerala as well. This the 5th movie in the Navarasa series by Jayaraj and it will have Hindi and English versions as well.

The flick revolves around the character named Chanthu Chekavar played by Kunal Kapoor and Chanthu is a warrior in the 13th Century Northern Malabar in Kerala. The major motives from two different stories has been mixed perfectly to tell a different version of both and in this flick we are presented with the mental conflicts through which Chanthu travels as he feels various human emotions like love, lust , Guilt etc. His heroics and the betrayal has been highlighted at the same time as well.

Jayaraj always made us proud with his fabulous movies and his quality as director is his versatility. He can do any kind of movies with ease and we have seen it many times as well. This time he came with a historical epic drama and without any doubt we can say that he had done a marvelous job as a writer and director. As a writer he beautifully weaved together Shakespeare’s Macbeth with the stories that has been told through ballads in Northern Malabar. The way he created the situations and presented it before the audience with its utmost intensity and depth was stunning to say the least. Each frame of the movie carried the signature if a master craftsman and Jayaraj had done a fantabulous job as a director. The performance of Kunal Kapoor as Chanthu Chekavar was another highlight of this movie. He had given his flesh and blood to the character and it was a masterclass from him. Physically and mentally he went on to become that character. Others artists like Divina Thakur, Shivajith Nambiar, Himarsha Venkat Swamy, Aran, Satheesh Menon, Bilas, Justin Antony, Gopan etc also done a great job and the performances from each and every one was just perfect. DOP from S Kumar was stunning and it was his visual which elevated this movie to another height. Music from Jeff Rona did the same as well and it was really blended well with the plot and its narration. Appu N Bhattathiri’s editing provided the flow which this movie needed. The VFX team and Sound design team needs a special appreciation too as their work had made this film a technically perfect one.

Veeram is a movie experience which can’t be missed if you are a film lover. It will give you such a wonderful experience while you are in the cinema hall and will take you to that world in the 13th century with its visual language.

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