Swayam Review


Swayam is the latest Malayalam release that hit the screens toady in Kerala. This movie which deals with mother- son relation is directed by R Sarath. The plot of this film deals with a mother and son and son is suffering from autism. Lakshmi Priya Menon and Nimay played the mother and son respectively in this movie. The bondage between these two characters form the central part of this movie and it is filled with lot of quality and heart touching emotional scenes. R Sarath have to be appreciated for his great effort to come up with this class movie.

The son character named Maroon played by Nimay likes football and he is very passionate about it. At the same time he is very close to his mother Agnes as well. The plot of this movie had great relevance as well. Now-a-days children throws away their parents to old age homes and in this situation, the plot of this movie gives a great message as well. It will be an eye opener for those who back away from looking after their old parents. The screenplay was too good and the performance from each and every artist in this movie is great as well. Apart from the above mentioned artists, other like Nandu, Krishna Prasad, Sachin etc did a fine job as well. . Lakshmi Priya Menon and Nimay had complimented each other very well and did a terrific job as lead characters. The compassion and love between the mother and son made the movie a really engaging one.

R Sarath had done a great job as he presented the plot very realistically and was in total control over the proceedings. He presented it in a way that each and every shot in the movie has a standard. Music was tuned by Sachin Sankar and it was pleasing to the ears. DOP of this film is Sajan Kalathil and he had done a very good job as well with neat visuals. The editing and sound design was also very good and have to be appreciated. In Total, Swayam is a class cinematic experience which we can’t miss from theaters. It is a movie which will touch your heart and many recognitions are awaiting this film for sure.


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