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Marupadi Review


The major Mollywood movie that hit the screens here today is Marupadi which was directed by popular director VM Vinu and scripted by Juliana Asharaf. The film was bankrolled by Asharaf Bedi under his production banner named Bedi Motion Pictures. Report says that the movie is based on a real life incident that had happened in North India and it can be called an emotional family drama or an emotional thriller for that matter. Popular Actor Rahman played the lead in this movie along with Bhama and Baby Nayan Thara.

The flick revolves around the family of Aby, who is a bank employee. His wife is Sara who was an orphan and they have a daughter named Riya as well. While things were going smooth, Aby got a transfer to Kolkata. When he and his family members reach there, some unexpected events happens which turns their life upside down and they end up in jail. The film shows their efforts to overcome the tragedy which happened in their life

VM Vinu who was off colour for the last few years had really back with a bang with this movie. As you all know he is a master when it comes to portraying intense emotions on screen through his movies. We have seen many such beautiful family movies from him like Balettan, Vesham etc. With this movie named Marupadi, he is back on track again. The screenplay he got was emotionally deep and he had given visual language to it without losing the intensity of the plot. The narration of the plot was smooth and he made the situations in the plot convincing for the viewers. It was nice to see a master director at work when he gets a screenplay that suits his style of film making.

The performance from Rahman is one of the high points of this movie. He had just made the character named Aby perfect with his believable and natural acting. He was composed and at the same time given an intense performance in the emotional scenes. Performance from Bhama and Baby Nayan Thara also have to be appreciated as well as they both had done justice to their characters by giving their maximum to it. Artists like Santhosh Keezhatoor, Tessa, Anu Sithara, Sudip Mukharjee, Jananrdhanan etc also done a very good job in the movie and made their characters perfect. Camera for this movie was cranked by Venugopal and as usual he had provided some terrific frames to set the tone of this flick. M Jayachandran had tuned the music for this film and he once again created some music which really blended well with the atmosphere in the movie. Editing from Mithun was nice as well and it kept a smooth flow till the very end.

As a whole, Marupadi is a movie experience which will not let you down as a viewer. It has strong emotional content in it which touches your heart. This movie has its own class and at the same time will entertain you as well.


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