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Kappiri Thuruthu Review


Kappiri Thuruthu is one among the Malayalam movies that hit the screens here in Kerala on this Friday. This period movie has been written and directed by debutant Saheer Ali and produced by Ahammad Palapparambil under the banner of 20-20 Movie International. Siddique, Adhil Ibrahim, Pearle Maaney etc is playing the lead characters in this flick which tells about some events happened in Kochi during the period when Kochi was under the rule of Dutch and then British.

The plot revolves around the life of H Mehaboob, who is the most beloved musician of Kochi. It tells us the love, Music, Celebrations and fights that happened in that period when the Jews and slavers were under the control of British and Dutch. It is a musical journey and by telling us the life story of H Mehaboob, the film makes us see a part of the history of the city as well.

Saheer Ali had done a fantastic job as a writer and director. He was in full control over the proceedings and it never felt that a newcomer is handling the things behind the camera. He became successful in setting that specific period and convincing the audience about each and every situations in the plot. He established the characters brilliantly and then made the audience to sail forward with the plot. Even though it is a slow paced movie, the way of presentation never made the viewer bored. It was smooth and realistic and the quality screenplay had done the trick here.

Performances from the lead cast was another high point in this flick. As we all know, Siddique once again showed what a stunning actor he is. It was an absolute master class from him and he showed us how to be the character than just playing it. Adhil Ibrahim done a very good job as he was composed and under control. He never went overboard with his performance, specially when it came to emotionally intense scenes. Pearle Maaney too had done a good job in the movie and we can say that she had given her best. Artists like Indrans, Sunil Sugatha, Sreekumar, Shivaji Guruvayoor, Kanaran Harish, Rajesh Sharma etc also had done a very good job in the movie by doing justice to the characters given to them. The DOP of this flick was Praveen Chakrapani and his frames set the tone of the movie and along with the music directors, Rafeeq Yusuf and Madhu Paul, he had really set the atmosphere to tell the story. Sai Suresh also did a fine job with his cuts.

As a whole, Kappiri Thuruthu is class entertainer which will give you a new cinematic experience. It is not a usual kind of commercial movie, but one that has a soul in it.


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