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10 Kalpanakal review


The new Malayalam release on this Friday in Kerala is 10 Kalpanakal which marked the directorial debut of popular editor Don Max. He had edited many popular Mollywood movies and with this movie starred by Anoop Menon, Prashant Narayanan and Meera Jasmine, he had made his debut as a director as well. This flick has been jointly written by Don Max, Shins K Jose and Sangeeth Jain. This movie has been produced by Jiji Anchani, Biju Thoranathel, Manu Padmanabhan Nair, Jacob Koeypurath, Antony P. Thekkek and Mesfin Zacharis under the production banner named Shutter Bugs Entertainments.

The movie revolves around the character named Davis who is a forest officer and some incidents that turns the peaceful family life upside down. With the arrival of characters like Victor and Shasiya Akbar, the plot becomes more complex. Anoop Menon plays the character named Davis and Prashant Narayanan plays the character Victor. Meera Jasmine came as the Crime Detachment Officer named Shasiya Akbar and Kaniha plays the wife character of Davis. We can say that Don Max had succeeded in giving us a superb thriller and he had made his debut as a director, a memorable one. The screenplay was tight and it has all the elements to make the audience glued to their seats till the very end. The director had succeeded in creating an atmosphere of mystery to thrill the audience. The way he established each characters and introduced the situations was very much like that of an experienced director. The control was evident in the narration and the use of artists. Situations were convincing and also maintained a good pace till the end.

Performance from Anoop Menon as Davis was just superb and he had given one of his best performance recently. Prashant Narayanan also had done justice to his character. Performance of Meera Jasmine needs special mention as she handled the character with lot of maturity and given a neat performance as a police office. Her controlled acting was a treat to watch indeed. Artists like Thampi Antony, Joju George, Sethu Lakshmi, Kavitha Nair, Kaniha, Shebin Benson, Ajay, Binu etc also done a very good job in the movie.

Kishore Mani cranked the camera for this movie and his frames were instrumental in creating an atmosphere filled with mystery to narrate the plot. Music from Mithun Eeshwar also played a great role in that. Don Max, the director himself edited the flick and he had done a fine job which helped the movie to maintain a smooth pace.

10 Kalappanakal is a great thriller which will satisfy you fully if you love this genre. It is a well-made, technically perfect cinematic experience which will never disappoint you as a viewer and will never make you feel bored inside the cinema hall.


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