Anandam Malayalam Movie Review


Anandam  Malayalam Movie Review

Anandam is a malayalam movie directed by a debutant Ganesh Raj. The movie also has many new faces and is in theatres this week. Malayalam all rounder Vineeth Sreenivasan is stepping as a producer through this movie. Director Ganesh Raj has assisted with Vineeth Sreenivasan earlier.

Aanandam movie tells a loving story of some engineering students and their life. A travel trip is mainly focused through this movie. We have seen many campus films which tells story in their campus. This movie is a different one and starts to tells the story of campus life through their travel trip.

Ganesh Raj had made a great debut with his movie Aanandam. The movie is sweet and so wonderful to enjoy every moments of a students college life. Ganesh Raj also succeeded in giving some realistic characters and realistic feel through the movie.

Sachin Warrier who composed the for the songs in the movie has done a good job. All the songs were good to hear. Anand C Chandran as cinematographer and editor Abhinav Sundar Nayak of the movie is also good.

Before digging deeply I have to say one thing. The movie is full of new faces in case of actors, direction and musician etc. All these debutants had used their potential to make this movie a great success. Performances of the actors were appreciable and they maintained to give a good realistic performance with their characters.

Arun Kurian, Vishak Nair, Anu Antony, Roshan Mathew, Thomas Mathew and Siddhi were the actors of the movie. There is also other actors in the movie and all of them has done their part very well. Producer Vineeth Sreenivasan has another feather of success in his head with this movie.

So guys, we all know there is lots of hit and big budget movies is running in theatres now. Spend your time to watch this young movie also. Dont miss it.


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