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Devi(L) Movie Review


Devi(L) is one of the Tamil Films that released here in Kerala on the 7th October this year. Global United Media had distributed this Tamil movie here which is scripted and directed by AL Vijay. Paul Aron had co-written the movie with AL Vijay. Dancing Star Prabhu Deva played the male lead in it and milky beauty Tamannah had played the female lead in it. It is a multi-lingual movie which made in Hindi and Telugu as well. Prabhu Deva is playing the lead in a movie after a long time and that itself made this movie a much anticipated one. This is a romantic horror thriller. Prabhu Deva plays a character named Tamizh and he marries a girl named Devi played by Tamannah. He brings her to his residence in Mumbai and how their life changes there is the focus point of the plot. It was told through humor flavor as well. AL Vijay had become successful in making a fresh horror comedy which stands apart from other numerous horror-comedies which is been coming out recently.

The screenplay was well written and he had narrated it wonderfully as well. The right mix of humor, horror and romance made it a clean entertainer and he presented it in a controlled manner as well. He was in total control of what is going on and his grip on the narration was tight as well. He used the actors to their full potential and gave the audience those elements which they want from the artists. Prabhudeva had once again sizzled on screen. He is a master in doing comedies and he once again shines in that aspect. Tamannah stood head to head with him in performance and both of them were terrific in dance sequences. I9t was their performance that made this movie a delight to watch. Other artists like Sonu Sood, RJ Balaji, Sathish, Nassar, Murali Sharma, Abhijith Paul etc also done well. RJ Balaji needs a special mention for his dialogue delivery style as well.

The Cinematography from Manush Nandan was very good and it created a peppy atmosphere for the movie. Music from Sajid Wajid was superb and Background scoring by Gopi Sundar was also terrific. Editing was done by Anthony and his crisp cuts made the movie a delight to watch as well. Devi(L) is a fresh and highly entertaining horror comedy which will satisfy you if you are a lover of Tamil Entertainers.



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